Be Lionhearted

Unchurched is not a 4-letter word

I was totally immersed in a church in Savannah, GA for 5 years. Everything in my life revolved around church and more church. I socialized with mostly Christian friends, and I was a worship leader for multiple services weekly. I ate, slept, lived and breathed church. And in some ways, it was glorious. I was deeply and profoundly fulfilled because Continue reading

“Jesus doesn’t just hang out with winners.”

I was listening to Jen Hatmaker’s For The Love podcast this morning with her guest, Sarah Bessey.  Sarah made the statement above and it pinged my heart, as Truth does!  I was making a gratitude list during God-time this morning, and grace was high on my list.  Sarah’s statement started me thinking about how available grace is to those of Continue reading

Patriarchy’s origin? Paradise, of course! Part 2

Please read part one of this post before diving in to Part 2! A lot has been made about the woman saying, “God said we shouldn’t eat the fruit or touch it”, suggesting she or the man added to what God had said. We don’t know if that’s true or not.  I truly doubt everything God has said or done Continue reading

Patriarchy’s origin? Paradise, of course! Part 1

“If, having the Spirit with you to convict you of the truth, you believe what is said in [this post], then accept the truth and live by it, and teach it to others, though it may completely overturn previous instruction which you have received, and preconceptions which you may have imbibed.” Katharine Bushnell, God’s Word to Women, Lesson 9, Section Continue reading